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The Michelangelo Phenomenon"—as observed by psychologists, when two individuals each support the other in developing toward their best possible selves.

Steve Corn is a wizard of all things digital. My company and I have benefited from his business acumen and expertise on many projects over the years.  My only hope is that he never provides consulting services to ANY of my competitors!  (Brian Niemens—President/CEO of Sound Ideas)

In simple terms, Steve is my "Go-To" guy! Whether it's licensing, distribution, business models, strategy…I always turn to Steve first. I have been working with Steve for six years. His honesty, integrity, professionalism, and commitment to hard work and seeing a job through to completion make him both an indispensable business asset and truly a valued friend!  (John Collins—President/CEO at Songdog Network)

Steve helped us focus our company’s efforts at a time when we needed an experienced and well versed music industry professional for the task. He knows more about the ins and outs of our industry than most people I have run across and is always looking ahead at music and the future of publishing rights. He is one of our industry’s brightest thinkers.  (Catherin Bogin—Anti-Piracy Manager at Macmillan)

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