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Ancora imparo - still I learn!




Every career can be judged by three standards: diversity of thinking, persistence of effort, and consistency of results.

The skills and methodologies that power Viewpoint Consulting Services were honed across decades of success in the music, entertainment, communication, and digital distribution industries.  Those enterprises depended on the revenue potential of long-lived asset libraries and intellectual rights licensing.  Instrumental to the success of each venture was the creative cross-purposing of assets, adapting to an ever-changing digital landscape and the social connections to consumers that have become essential to virtually every kind of forward-focused business.


We learned to implement new synergies among a company’s existing assets, resources, skillsets, and partnerships, both to elevate revenues and to ensure their long-term viability.  We apply this philosophy to every project entrusted to us. 


At Viewpoint Consulting Services, we have three unbending standards we bring to the challenges clients ask us to take on: diversity of thinking, the persistence of effort, and consistency of results.


Steven Corn, Principal and Owner of Viewpoint Consulting Services, has demonstrated the effectiveness of these principles and strategies throughout a career marked by many measurable successes.


His experience includes:

  • Los Angeles College of Music (Adjunct Professor)

  • Made In Memphis Entertainment (Head of Business Affairs)

  • BFM DIgital, Inc (CEO)

  • BFM Jazz (CEO)

  • Corn Music Services, Inc. (President)

  • (Executive Vice President)

  • Megatrax Production Music (VP/General Manager)

  • Live Entertainment (Director of Music)

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